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Monday, June 7, 2010

hari2 eden bkak blog ni...smakin ska plak dgr lagu ni...besh2x!!!
utk lbih jelas eden nak translate lirik dia :)

LoVe & TruTh

I'm thikig about you so much                                                    
time doesn't stop for me                                                            
my empty heart still can't find your feelings                                 
I can never draw the same picture twice
but my emotions are just repeating
over and over again

let me listen to your love song
I stared at your profile
I want to know about you
now that I've met you

no matter how lonelyI get
I have a feeling we'll meet again
I don't need a reason
I know I can't turn back
with the way it is 
now I'll just becom apart of your memory,
my emotions shone like the depths of tears..

let me listen to your love song
your profile...
I understand there's a person you're
gazing at right in front of you but...
please give me wings and believe that
just as with this song
I swear
I've decided to accept all the past

I hum the love song
I want to touch your smiling face
even though I know that there's someone you're gazing at
my love song never ends
I've already met you
it never will end
Love & Truth.....

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